Fear Behind Cheer…

P8 : Fun & Fear

Part 9 of Lost Love is here.

You are no more alone dear…❤️

Fear Behind Cheer

As it was night Mike could not recognise the person standing behind the that tree. It was that black cat of uncle Jone. It is trying to climb the tree. The nightingale has not yet slept. It is looking at Mike anxiously, somewhat she is waiting for him. Mike did not wait too much he put off his shirt and jump into the river and swimmed to the other bank the bridge across the river was broken last year . He thrived the depth of river only because of his swimming skills. The black cat left from there. Mike climbed the tree and take the young nightingale. It is not afraid now. She just jump into his hands as if she had been waiting for him. Mike sit on the bottom tree nursing the nightingale…

“ You are no more alone dear. I am here with you. Mike is with you…”

Shael and Rhael went Jone’s home. They saw Jone sleeping with his cat on his chest. Shael and Rhael went to riverbank without disturbing uncle Jone.

“ Hey, Shae, there he is.”

Rhael cried aloud.

“ Yep,what is he doing on the otherside of bank? Where is his shirt? How did he crossed the depths?…”

Shael went on with questions.

“Hey Mike…”

They cries aloud.


Mike got excited seeing his bros together for helping him.

“ What the hell are you doing there?!”

Rhael asked and tried to pretend like he is angry.

“ Ray, I’ve said you a lot of time that you are not a good actor. Stop it. Ha…Ha…! ”

“ Oh shae, you again…”

Rhael pushed Shael. He fell down.
Rhael and Shael started to play pushing each other and falling.

“ Oh God, they again. They forgot me…Bros,How do I get there?”

Mike exclaimed.

“ As you did cross the river.”

Rhael said.

“ Yeah…”

Shael added and supported.

“ What’s on your hands? Is that a bird ?…”

“ Yes Shael, It’s a nightingale.”

Rhael went to get a raft nearby. He got one near the lawn and crossed and got Mike and teturned much talks. He even saw or heard the nightingale. Rhael is such a quick guy.

Shael took the bird from Mike’s hand. It flew from him to shoulders of Mike.

“ Hey, It’s a nightingale, isn’t it? ”

Rhael saw the bird now. They tried to took nightingale from Mike but it is returning to mike again and again. They just amazed seeing this. Mike held the bird on head and wore his shirt removing the dust. They returned home playing with the bird. The nightingale,bird of Mike. The cat is still there. It is peeking at them from the other bank.

“ Myaou…”

Fun & Fear…

The part 8 of ‘ Lost Love ’ is here

Fear Behind Fun…

Fun And Fear

Mike is in his bed room. He is peeking at the moon through his bluish green window. The words of nightingale mom is echoing in his heart. He is somewhat puzzled and feared by that fun. His dream became reality, or the reality came to his nightmare. He is in such a confusion. His emotions are changing spontaneously. Smile and anxienty is flowing through his lips and face. Why that nightingale is alone? Which cat killed its parents?…

It was that day, on which Mike saw that nightingale and nightmare. He lost all his sleep and everything else as he is glancing at moon without closing eyes for a moment.

“ Myaou… ”

Suddenly he heard a voice of cat. It reminded him about that full moon day, on which Jessy brought a kitty to Jone’s house. It was that happiest day for Mike and moon. He remembered that Jessy called him as moon on that day. He just smiled meaningfully.

“ yes!… ”

Mike ran out of his room to yard within no time. He is in utmost cheer.

“ Yes!… I got it…. I’m the moon…I’m the moon…”

Mike is dancing with that cool evening breeze. His smile and cheer faded as wind whispered something in his ears. If Mike is moon, Jessy will be that nightingale. He is afraid whether Jessy is in danger. Is she alone? What will happen if that cat come again to its nest?…

Mike saw that apple tree near the river. Mike ran without thinking a moment. By this moment mother and bros reached the yard. They did not get a moment to say anything.

“ Hey, where are going Mike?… ”

Mother cried aloud but Mike crossed the lanes by this time as he wad a good sprinter.

” Oh God… Mike is again lured by the moon… “

It was Shael’s words. Shael and Rhael went on laughing. Mother toon recognized that it was the matter of Jessy.

“ Hm, stop laughing boys…Shael and Rhael, go after Mike . He is alone… ”

Mother’s voice shivered them.
They went after Mike. Mother went in home. By this time Mike reached that tree. He saw that nightingale in its small nest. A smile grew on her lips. A content of satisfaction. The fun. That cool breeze embraced him again and whispered the same :

“ Myaou ”

Again fear behind cheer.

Red Rose & Black Cat…

Part 7 of ‘ Lost Love ‘

Rose And Kitty…

One of these days we got exhausted by the blaze of sun. We were much energetic and whether too got much energy. That made us tired. Our soul is same as soul of nature. I remembered that our surroundings tries its maximum to become just like our soul. He rested on his arm chain while I sitted on the steps. He went on with the story of his childhood, about Joseph uncle.

They were twins and together for entire child hood. They enjoyed a lot without knowing problems between parents. As their parents got divorce and got seperated, they too seperated at the age of seven. Joseph uncle lived with his dad William Hawks at city, while Jone uncle lived with mom Elsa Hawks in countryside. Uncle Jone started to forget Jone as he got new friends and life. Uncle Jone’s mom was so sweet and kind hearted. Jone got that kindness and compassion from her mom, that’s why he is taking care of his pets and plants. He said that his father was not at all kind. This diversity in attitude made all mess. His mom is just like a red rose. Full of love and mercy. She was optimistic and cheerful while his father was reverse of all these. A rude person. A black cat in hawks family. He said that his father is the only person to destroy Hawks kinsfolk.

” We grew as son of red rose and black cat… “
As he said so, I turned gloomy. He also said that Jessy is the daughter of our younger cousin, James Hawks. Uncle James was the son of brother of father of Uncle Jone. I got some info about that family. A family with hues of rose and blacks of cats.

I was feared as Jessy belongs to a strange family. A family of kitty and rose. Its fun is hiding fear. Is her family made her to disappear from all? Fear in fun. Fun and fear…

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P6 : Endless Last Route

I, A Teen…

As time does go,
I too will grow.
My mind wanna rove,
To seek more love.

As my life do flow,
Soul has to glow,
So let mind to plow,
As I need no blow.

As I'm a teen,
I have that keen,
To see that unseen,
To have all sheen.

I'm not much shy,
To tame all sigh.
I must fly to high,
Till you reach the sky.

To know the truth,
To have all mirth,
To reach the youth,
I've take this birth.

Though I lack boots,
I set my own routes,
To reach the shoots,
And to know your roots.

I've no more tear,
I left all my fear,
As I've to bear,
Pain of my sphere.

To stop all noise,
To set my joys,
I have that voice,
As I'm one of boys.

Lemme spread my wing,
With zenith of zing,
Though I dunna sing,
I'll be the song's king.


Lost Love..

Part 1 : My Wind

Part 2 : A Sparrow Like Me    

Part 3 : Nightingale And Nightmare

Part 4 : Mike And The Moon…

Part 5 : The Blue Moon Day

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Endless Last Route..

Endless Last Route…

Endless Last Route…

I followed the last route to Jessy. I started to pay a visit to Jone every sunday as summer vacation started. It was a fortune for old poor and lonely Jone. I assisted Jone in his needs as he can. The rose and kitty is still there. I gave jessy a rose as token of love on that full moon day,she planted it,and turned it into a bush. How sweet was she! The black kitty is also living happily,but my Jessy had gone. But where!? I tried to ask about that many times,but my mind never allowed it. That question remained unanswered.

I made tea for uncle Jone as Jessy did. He became just like my own father. His lonely life was much boring and exhausting. He used to say that you gave light to my life. Togetherness is happiness. I too felt much happiness and pride as I made someone happy. We made many gardens. He shared many stories of his military life. I too enjoyed hearing that. Our friendship grew quickly as he was alone and no one visited him for many days. A light is peeping into life of both of us. A breeze started to blew conveying that pleasant days are coming.

One day he secretly said that he had twin bro,Joseph. He said nothing more about Joseph uncle. Jessy too said nothing about him during schooldays. I just ignored that. I started to love that rose as Jessy. Only that kitty and that rose stayed as her presence. I felt that every time, I went near rose, it is speaking something to me. I was too poor to understand the strange language of nature and plants. If Jessy was here she may got its meaning. Kitty is also very happy with Jone, as Jone is good pet keeper. Rose and kitty were also twins, as they reached Jone’s house on the same day and got new life. The rose and kitty persisted there as kinship of Jone and mine and also the last route to her. Our bond became endless as he shared many of his secrets with me. The last route became endless by her rose and kitty…

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